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My name is Ron Bader, co-owner and founder of Heroic Sport.

In 2009, I  fell down from a scaffolding. Broken back, hyper extended neck, multiple skull fractures, coma, brain damage and a long and painful recovery… The loss of muscle mass together along with the list of injuries made it almost impossible to sleep.  

I needed a training program that would effectively bring me back to my former self, something that would activate my brain and build muscle. Heroic Sport, an approach based on 2500 years old training techniques, has turned my life around! 

After meeting Thierry Sanchez in 2013, I started making, testing and developing Indian clubs. I have since become a true believer of this discipline, and feel now it’s time for everyone to try Heroic Sport.

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My name is Thierry Sanchez, and I graduated with a strength training diploma with DIF, the National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark. 

In 2010, I represented Denmark at the IGSF kettlebell world championships and won both a gold and silver medal. I established the Danish Kettlebell Sport organization in 2012, and was also vice president for the International Kettlebell Marathon Federation for 3 years.

Practicing complex skills is something that has always appealed to me, and I love the meditative effect of my practice with Indian clubs. I dedicated a lot of my time to reading, applying, experimenting and teaching people how to swing.

The information in our video tutorials is based on my many years’s teaching experience, where I have taught how to swing Indian clubs  to both everyday people and athletes at my local club, workshops, team building events and evening schools.

I truly believe that many people can benefit from this ancient and nearly forgotten art. This is the reason why I decided to be part of Heroic Sport. We can reach people and  give them access to affordable clubs and qualified instruction.

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Club swinging  goes back to ancient Persia and India. Warriors swung clubs, lifted shields and trained with other weapon replicas to improve their strength and skills.

The name “Varzesh-e pahlavani” means Heroic Sport,  an ancient method to improve strength, agility, mobility, coordination and increase mindfulness. UNESCO calls  it one of the longest running forms of fitness training.

The pahlavan was a warrior, but also a role model and leader for his community. 

In the West, club swinging became integrated into gymnastics in the mid 1800s when the Brits took the clubs back home from their time in India. Back then already, Indian clubs were used as a way to improve posture and re-balance the body from the issues of modern life.
Unlike most strength training exercises, the circular patterns of club swinging stretch the connective tissues and put gentle traction on the joints, improving lubrication. 
The complex patterns enhance motor skills and coordination. With regular practice, club swinging becomes a form of meditation in motion.


Traditional wooden Indian clubs are beautiful but can be expensive which prevents some people from ever starting this amazing discipline.

Our mission is to reintroduce club swinging to the general public and keep it affordable.
Our Pahlavandle™ is a simple handle that can be used with any soda pop bottle. The unique design of the Pahlavandle™ allows you to get started with Indian club swinging exercises, and progress to a heavier club as your skills and strength improve. 

In our video section you will find basic tutorials and inspiration for training. Beginner or advanced, there is something for every level!