What our customers say


Spyridon Katsigiannis: “One of the most brilliant ideas to hit the fitness world for years. A great, customisable workout for everybody, that cultivates fitness AND dexterity. “

Søren Jean Larsen, DC Chiropractor:“Indian club swinging is an excellent fluid motion training concept with a tremendous impact on strength and stability of the shoulder girdle and your body’s core musculature.”

Rannoch Donald: Loving the handles. They work on so many levels. Great to see an innovation that makes Indian Clubs so accessible, scalable and cost effective. And huge respect for the quality of the clips and education.

Stuart MacDonald: Absolutely love my pahlavandle’s. Great for both training at home with and also at my gym. Both myself and clients are over the moon with them, I only wish that I’d have thought of the idea myself

Chris Djaelani : These are brilliant. Went online to work out what club weights I should buy and was so lucky to stumble onto these guys. Well priced, quick delivery, polite service and brilliantly conceived. I’d give them 6 stars if I could.

Torsten Nielsen:  “Top in idea, execution, presentation og education! “

Kim Henning:  “Fantastic product!!! Just love it!! “

Dino Kusulas: “Last weekend I had an impromptu clubbing class in my back yard when my sister, mom and a couple of cousins dropped in for a visit (during ahich I gave my sister and a cousin their Palahvandles).  The result of my very basic intro to clubbing class was a request to order more clubs.  So I've placed an order for 3 more this evening.  The class was a flashback to my days as an army sergeant conducting physical training sessions... felt good.

Some recent background on me. I've been recovering from a long immunilogical disorder that had  severe neurological circumstances...been in physical therapy since Seprember.  Long story short, I've been working hard on rehabbing and discovered indian clubs while looking into functional exercising. After ordering a pair of 1 pounders on Amazon, I discovered Heroic Sport.  I've been doing swingng routines for 8 weeks now and not only has my shoulder strength and flexibility improved but there have also been improvements to my core strength and balance (one of the neurological consequences of my illness). I hope to be stronger and return to my regular day-to-day routine really soon.

I've forwarded your Parkinson's study videos to my neurologist in NY who found them interesting. I also showed them to my Physical Therapist here in NJ. She expressed an interest in learning more about the benefits of the exercise for rehab and using clubs with Parkinson's patients.  She was intrigued by your Palahvandles especially the affordability.

I've really enjoyed extolling the virtues of club swinging and refer folks to your Web site and YouTube channel at every opportunity.  The reaction to your Palahvandles is always the same; "Genius."  Thierry's instruction videos, as always, are fantastic and the Heroic Sport You Tube channel is a popular reference among my circle of converts.