Double club combinations | Vol. 3

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Move with grace and unleash your creativity! We do not believe Indian clubs were meant to be a static and rigid discipline.

We show you how to combine swings with a single club into short full body flows. You’ll find the building blocks and inspiration for you to swing freestyle and create your own flows and routines.

It is expected that you have mastered the double heart shaped swings before you attempt those combinations!


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Double Indian clubs combinations & footwork

You have the basics in place, now is time to discover the essence of club swinging: Indian clubs combinations.

Are you ready to play with us?

The combination of swings and footwork increases complexity and offers new challenges, while turning club swinging into a full body exercise. Double Indian clubs combinations are true brain gym exercises! You’ll learn how to dissociate your left hand for you right hand, and be in the moment.
You can practice the combinations for a set time or a number of repetitions.

Double Indian clubs combination swings & Footwork | Volume 3 includes:

  1. Crazy 88 Complex
  2. Full swing with 180 twist
  3. Windmill to front crawl
  4. Windmill to T-stance with big and small circles

Total playing time: 12 minutes

ZIP Folder size: 286MB



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