Pahlavandle™ Extender | 1 Pair

If you were thinking of putting 2 Pahlavandle™ original together, the Extender set saves you money!

The Pahlavandle™ Extender or “EXT” screws onto the end of your Pahlavandle™ to create a short mace or a substitute for Persian meel.

By adding length to the lever arm, you can increase the forces throughout the swing without adding more weight, and experience a whole new feel!

The extra length increases the demands on your grip and shoulder stability as well.

A pair consists of 2 handles.


86 in stock

86 in stock



This is a short war mace from the Slavic countries. With the Pahlavandle™ EXT, you can recreate the feel of a longer club or mace. It is the perfect way to practice Persian meel swings, and experience more torque while still swinging a relative light weight.

The EXT has no seal. It is used to create a longer handle, and should not be screwed directly onto the bottle. We recommend screwing 3 handles together maximum, and keeping the weight of your bottle under 3kg!

The Pahlavandle™ EXT is sold as a pair, and has the same dimensions as the regular Pahlavandle™.


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