Active Family Workout with Indian clubs

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Train along with your kids! It’s fun and sets a great example of how to be pro-active about one’s health and well being.

This video pack is designed for people with or without prior knowledge of Indian clubs.

Thierry, Hannah and Tobiaz will have you ready in no time to swing safely, and enjoy a new type of family experience!
You get 2 unique workouts introducing 2 very different styles of club swinging. You can decide to train for 10 minutes or more. In any case, we guarantee you a great workout that will challenge your body and mind!


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In this family workout video pack, you get a crash course in club swinging, and 2 unique warm ups and workouts.

Workout 1 uses a single Indian club and basic bodyweight exercises.
Workout 2 uses 2 Indian clubs and own  bodyweight.

The exercises will challenge your agility, coordination, strength and fitness levels!
When applicable, we demonstrate 2 levels of difficulty for the exercises.

Each workout lasts 8 minutes and can be repeated 2-3 few times, depending on the time and energy you have!
We recommend you to start nice and easy. Go through the workouts a few times at a slow tempo to learn how to do the exercises. When you feel confident, you can then increase the speed of your moves and also the weight of the clubs. But remember, technique first!

Apart from Indian clubs, you’ll need an interval timer. You can choose to follow along to the videos ,or download the PDF description to train at your own pace.


  • Training Guidelines and Safety.PDF
  • Intro video
  • Warm up with Indian clubs
  • Warm up without clubs
  • Workout “Bulava” with a single Indian club/ short mace
  • Workout “High Pulse” with 2 Indian clubs
  • Cool Down
  • Workout PDF for easy reference

Total playing time: 38 minutes

ZIP Folder size: 900MB



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