Single Club Combinations | Vol. 2

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Move with grace and unleash your creativity! We do not believe Indian clubs were meant to be a static and rigid discipline.

We show you how to combine swings with a single club into short full body flows. You’ll find the building blocks and inspiration for you to swing freestyle and create your own flows and routines.

It is expected that you have mastered the heart shaped swings before you attempt those combinations!


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Indian clubs combination swings & Footwork

You have the basics in place, now is time to discover the essence of club swinging.

The combination of swings and footwork increases complexity and offers new challenges, while turning club swinging into a full body exercise. Swinging with one club is a great way to learn complex movements and create interesting flows.
You can practice those Indian clubs combination swings for a set time or a number of repetitions.

Indian clubs combination swings & Footwork | Volume 2 includes:

  1. Inner swing with a circle over the shoulder
  2. Inner swing with a circle under the armpit
  3. Outer Snake
  4. Inner Snake
  5. The Montoya Complex

Total playing time: 12 minutes

ZIP Folder size: 294MB


1 review for Single Club Combinations | Vol. 2

  1. Trey (verified owner)

    This is a tough one folks.
    No, not a tough review to write, but a challenging set of exercises to carry out!
    The outer and inner snakes are a pair of challenging and simple exercises with your clubs – you can either do them singly, serially or paired. But if you do, take the time to watch the video several times – these are a bit tricky and require some unusual movements. Then go slow and with lighter clubs than your normal weight. These are more static exercises than what I was used to and I really felt it in my shoulders afterwards.
    As an aside – you can do these while watch TV – just make sure you’ve got the room to either side for when you flip the clubs.
    I haven’t attempted the Montoya complex (yet) as I’ve only watched it and made my notes so I can try to do it later, but plan to try it later.
    The only part of the Montoya complex I haven’t puzzled out is the reverse head parry, but I think I’ll get it. Help is appreciated though…

    • Thierry Sanchez

      The reverse head parry is found in our Club Swinging 102 “Outer to Inner Switch #2”
      All the best with the Montoya complex!

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