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We are excited about having YOU joining our tribe and spreading knowledge about Indian clubs!

Heroic Sport Level 1 course covers the basics of club swinging. By following our approach, you’ll run great classes in record time after you finish our course! Our teaching approach and structure has been developed, tested and refined since 2012.
WE provide you with the foundation you need to become highly skilled with Indian clubs!
YOU get to inspire and share a great training experience with people of all levels!
If you are unsure about you have the relevant background, contact us before ordering!


The online course is split into 3 downloadable Zip folders.

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What will you learn on our Level 1 instructor course?

You will learn the key principles of club swinging for safe and effective training. 

In Level 1, we focus on single club exercises, and how to set up a class for new beginners. Click the next tab to view content.
We use elements of Karlakattai, which comes from the  club swinging tradition of Southern India. This style relies on a wide variety of swings and footwork, such as steps, pivoting moves, lunges and squats. 
The footwork turns club swinging into a true full body and mind exercise, linking movement to the timing of the swings.
We show you 14 foundation exercises AND their progressions, so that everyone in a class can find a variation to suit their skill levels. Some exercises are single hand exercises, while others are double handed exercises.
The Level 1 course sets all the foundations for you to progress to the more complex exercises with 2 clubs in our Level 2 course.  

Who is this course for?

Typically, people attending our courses have some background in the fitness industry or are physical therapists. However, many participants have no previous experience with Indian clubs. All of our certified instructors end up running classes in a short time and integrate what they learnt in some aspect of their business.
If you want to take this course for personal development, it is OK too. We avoid high tech jargon so that anyone can understand and apply the material we provide.
Our goal is keep this level 1 course as simple as possible so that you learn only the essential stuff to get started teaching other people. We want you to be able to do a few things well, instead of bombarding you with flashy information.
No certification can teach you all that took years to develop…  Being a teacher or instructor is a lifelong process. Are you ready for it?

“Qui Docet, Dicet.” Those who teach, learn. Without students, without questions, a teacher cannot grow and improve.

The instructor level 1 online course consists of:

  • Theory with Heroic Sport Instructor trainer’s videos & handbook downloads
  • Interaction with other trainers via Facebook
  • Written exam
  • Video Assessment

Please observe

You need to have a profile on Facebook.
After registration, you will be added to our private Heroic Sport Instructor group to interact with other trainers. This interaction is important since you are taking this course online, and will need sparring partners to develop your skills. You will be able to post videos and get feedback.

You must submit your physical and written tests within 3 months of taking the course. In case of a late submission or failed attempt, you will have to pay an admin fee of 50€.

After you place your order, there are no refunds.

Once you become a HEROIC SPORT® certified instructor

  • No requirement to re-certify every year.
  • You may use the HEROIC SPORT® logo and pictures to promote your classes.
  • You qualify for our affiliate program.
  • You’ll be sent promotions, from time to time, on our digital products to help you deliver workouts in any environment – gym, community hall or park! 
Total video running time: 2h50

FOLDER 1:  START HERE (Zip folder size: 1.1GB)
Trainer handbook PDF
Intro 2:45
Warm up 11:10
Beginners workout 25:50
Cool down 7:00
FOLDER 2: THEORY (Zip folder size: 1GB)
Grips, Breathing & Stance 5:40
Key principles of club swinging 6:10
Swinging patterns 1:40
Swing types and directions 5:20
Exploring circles and footwork 10:00
Setting up a class 3:10
Key principles of teaching 3:30
Trouble shooting 4:00
Product knowledge 4:00
FOLDER 3: EXERCISE LIBRARY (Zip folder size: 1.8GB)
Basic single handed exercises and progressions 20:45
Basic double handed exercises 32:00
Signature exercise 10:45
Other exercises with a club 4:30
Flow & Complexes 7:40

1 review for Indian Clubs Online Certification | Level 1 Single club

  1. Push Dhillon

    Fantastic experience and a total body work out.
    I want to thank my gym and Thierry Sanchez of Heroic Sport for an incredible Indian Clubs workshop in High Wycombe last Saturday. I attended this workshop for shoulder strength and flexibility but Thierry discussed and introduced even more benefits of Indian Club training and they are so vast. Things like body coordination, grip and core strength as well as cardiovascular exercises really make this workshop worthwhile attending. Considering it was a full day the way the course was structured ensured that the energy levels and egagement were always high. Once again thanks very much for this great experience.

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