Pahlavandle™ Heavy Handles Pack

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If you’re thinking of getting a set of Pahlavandle™ original anyways, get yourself some inserts as well, and save some money!

Our steel inserts fit snugly inside your Pahlavandle™ original to increase the overall weight of your Indian clubs. Each insert weighs 370g.
Just screw on the bottle cap on the end of your Pahlavandle™ and you’re good to go!
Check the inserts are properly secured each time you swing!

You get 2 Pahlavandle™ original handles and 2 steel inserts. Bottle caps are not included!

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The Pahlavandle ™ is the fastest and easiest way to get started with Indian clubs.Simply screw onto a soda pop plastic bottle and you’re good to go!

Change bottles and you have a new set of clubs. Use water, rice or sand, and increase the challenge.

The weighted inserts change the balance point and overall feel of the clubs.

The Pahlavandle ™ fits carbonated drink bottles made of plastic. All PET soft drink and sparkling water bottles are required to use the international PCO28 norm for their thread.

Most British style Indian clubs are typically based on a bottle design, and light enough to be swung with an open style. the Pahlavandle™ is the perfect intro club!

At 20 cm length and  65 grams, the Pahlavandle ™ is easy to carry around. With an average diameter of 28mm, it is suitable for children, women and men. It’s simply the easiest way to get started with Indian clubs, and swing wherever you are!


The unique design and features of the Pahlavandle ™ allows you to find the right starting weight, and progress to heavier Indian clubs as skills and strength improve.  This makes the Pahlavandle™ the perfect set of Indian clubs for beginners, while strong people or skilled swingers still can get a challenge.
Experiment with different fillers (water, rice, gravel or sand) to increase the weight up to 3kg. We recommend plastic bottles up to 1,5 liters.


By filling the Pahlavandle ™ halfway, you can create an Indian club with a shifting weight.
This shifting weight provides audible feedback to help timing and coordination. A fluid swing makes no sound, letting you clearly know when you are swinging optimally.


Learning how to swing Indian clubs mad of wood or metal can raise safety concerns for some people. With the Pahlavandle ™, you can be sure you will not injure yourself should you hit yourself by mistake.

The material used for the Pahlavandle ™ is food grade safe plastic.
Please observe that the Pahlavandle ™ is not designed for juggling or impact.

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Weight 0.91 kg
Dimensions 23 × 9 × 6 cm


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