Pahlavandle - 1 Pair

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The Pahlavandle ™ fits carbonated drink bottles made of plastic. All PET soft drink bottle top threads are required use the international PCO28 norm. 

At 20 cm length and  65 grams, the Pahlavandle ™ is easy to carry around. With an average diameter of 28mm, it is suitable for children, women and men.

The material used for the Pahlavandle ™ is food grade safe plastic. However, the Pahlavandles ™ are not designed for juggling or impact.


The unique design and features of the Pahlavandle ™ allows you to find the right starting weight, and progress to a heavier club as skills and strength improve.  Experiment with different fillers to increase weight up to 3kg.


By filling the Pahlavandle ™ halfway, you can create a shifting weight.

This shifting weight provides audible feedback to help timing and coordination. A fluid swing makes no sound, letting you clearly know when you are swinging optimally. 


Learning how to swing metal or wooden clubs can raise safety concerns for some people. With the Pahlavandle ™, you can be sure you will not injure yourself seriously (if at all) should you hit yourself by mistake.

A pair consists of 2 handles in a pouch. Bottles and caps are not included.